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Lu-an d.o.o. - Indoor and outdoor aluminium fences
Lu-an d.o.o. Lu-an d.o.o.
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Aluminium Fences

We offer high-quality modern design aluminium fences. Fences are made modular, that means it's foldable. Fences are assembling only by screws without welding. That kind of assembly system go hand in hand with quality and simplicity of assembling. Profiles which are part of final fences are:
- HANDRAIL, Ø50mm,
- COLONNADE, profiled and strengthened Ø40mm,
- FILLING PARTS, Ø30mm, Ø16mm or some similar material like glass, plexiglass, all kind of sheets.
Ending parts of handrail are made of full aluminium profile what affects on hardness, rigidity and strenght.

Fences are made of eloxated aluminium, it's tested in salt chamber and suffice standard methods under DIN 1745, EN 755-2, DIN 50021 SS i DIN 50961. After testing and treatment, there are no corrosion changes remark on tested parts.
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