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Lu-an d.o.o. Lu-an d.o.o.
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About us

Our company act in two segments:
Aluminium Fences
Second part of our dealing is production and assembling fences made of eloxated aluminium, circularly diameter profile, high glow surface.
Aluminijske Ograde Ograde od aluminija za vanjsku i unutrasnju primjenu Ograde od aluminija visokog sjaja Aluminijske Ograde
Mortuary ornaments
First part is selling and assembling mortuary ornaments and decorations (bronze, ceramics, stainless steel, and other material suitable for this kind of use). We can also pender your requests about manufacturing complete products made of stone, granite or marble.
Nadgrobni ornamenti Ukrasi od bronce, mramora, granita... Grobnice, vaze, okovi Nadgrobni spomenici
We hope that quality of our service and affordable prices will satisfy all your wishes.

With compliements,
Davor Ljubicic, director.
KONTAKTI: | TEL: 021/333-614
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